So what is a Moby Dick then? This is...

It's the loving nick name of the new Porsche 935 - a racing dedication to the beloved original.

This here Porsche is called the Moby Dick and not because it is as rare and legendary as the big white whale - which it is - but because its father, the original, is as rare and legendary as the big white whale.

Yes, this is the (somewhat) all-new Porsche 935 and you can now own one for R14.7 million. Jip. Just 14.7 million, which is a Polo GTi short of R15 million. Thanks Porsche.

Oh and we say 'somewhat' because, well, it's actually a Porsche 911 GT2 RS underneath and is more a reworking of that to be honest, merely boasting the refreshed body work and livery of the elderly statesman that it celebrates.

So what does that mean then for performance? It means that it boasts a 514kW 3.8-litre twin-turbo flat-six engine that turn the rear wheels very fast. And very fast is just how you'll want to drive because it will be best enjoyed on a track. Because a track is the only the place you can enjoy it because it is not road legal, which is annoying.

I mean, who doesn't a road legal spoiler that looks like a set of stairs to Mars? Everyone wants that.

Only 77 will be built by the way, so best get queuing! Because how's this. Aircon comes standard!