4 cars that love South African potholes!

Who cares about potholes when you've got these 4 pothole-beating machines!

South Africans love to complain about potholes. So what's the solution? How about one of these 4 machines to turn that pothole sadness into a "hole" lot of donga madness.


[if !supportLists]1. [endif]The Isuzu KB

Starting at number one on our list is the hardy Japanese-born Isuzu KB bakkie. This iconic machine has proven itself as one of South Africa’s kings when it comes to torture tests. From the khaki'ness of the Free State to the ever-thorny Limpopo, this brute can handle anything!

Even today, and millions of kms later, KBs still love their potholes and we still love them.


2. Toyota Land Cruiser

If you’ve ever seen the ongoing Top Gear joke that tries to break a Toyota Hilux then you’ll definitely understand that off road Toyotas are built to handle pretty much everything. Now, imagine that but even tougher-er. South Africa's favourite - the Land Cruiser!

You’ll never have to slow down for a speed bump or pothole ever again bro!

Oh, and then there's that added bonus: An awesome bacuzzi out back for the boytjies and the rugga! Mooi.


3. Jeep Wrangler

Ah! An off-road titan from our friends over in the States. The ever-unstoppable Jeep Wrangler! Respect.

Then, there's the Rubicon version of the icon, that comes factory-ready to carve-up South Africa's hardcore terrain, from the Kgalagadi to the Berg.

Lucky for us then that there's enough potholes in between the two to have a bit of fun.


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4. Land Rover Defender

Fear not people, one the most iconic of British machines will eventually return with an all new look - thank goodness - but for the moment we still have the original to appreciate. And what an pothole-loving original it is!

The Jabulani Man would disagree, but I'd reckon the Defender will steamroll any KB, Land Crusier or Wrangler in its path. Shots fired Jabulani!

Question is this then: Why avoid potholes at all? Life sounds better with them! Well, at least if you own one of these...

Sam Da Fonseca (19) of The Car Scene was just 3 years old when he first fell in love with cars. Now, he has made it his life's mission to drive as many awesome machines as possible, much to his South African pleasure and years since first falling in love with his dad's monsoon-green BMW 328i. Thanks Dad! @thecarscene_