This Merc is ready for the Water Wars!

Carlex Design, our favourite Polish friends, are back. And guess what - they're prepping for the water wars.

We love the Polish. Always have, always will, but we're not entirely convinced the X-Class ever needed six wheels and that there is the truth of it.

The Americans do it best, you see. Hennessey gave us the 6-wheeled VelociRaptor and the 6-wheeled Goliath and both make six wheels look pretty casual, if six wheels could ever look casual.

But the Mercedes-Benz X-Class is just not fat enough for six wheels and quite frankly it looks a little stupid, even if deep down we kind of like it and dream of a Witkoppen where these are everywhere.

Alas, sadly, Van Buuren will have to wait and so will our Mad Max fantasy because this X-Class Exy 6×6 Concept will likely be very rare when it arrives, so don't expect to see it at all. Except in your nightmares of course where it ties you up and eats your leg.

The extended load bay is nothing short of hideous - let's be fair - but will be very useful come the water wars. In fact, when climate change and population pressure forces us into water battles across desert-stricken Southern Africa, we think this is the best vehicle for it! Yes indeed Mzansi.

The reason is simple. This will likely arrive with the same V6 3-litre turbodiesel that's found in the X350d 4Matic, which is good news in a drought-stricken post-apocalyptic world. Hennessey's versions will just be too heavy on petrol and the apocalyptic-ready Rezvani TANK will just be too impractical if you're looking to carry a few barrels of the clear stuff here and there.

So, indeed. You thought six wheels were impractical. But, it's all relative. This here is actually the most pracatical six-wheeled machine out there and we're giving it the thumbs up.

Because brother, come the Water Wars, come victory!