New Roush Mustang comes with silly exhaust app

"Between a road car & a race car is a Roush car," says Jack Roush. And an unnecessary app apparently.

Jack Roush is an interesting man who builds interesting cars. And this here is his latest in a lineup that sits perpetually between 'road and race'. It's called the Roush Stage 3 Mustang and you can buy it with money.

Now, we have no idea what Stage 2 did or what Stage 4 might eventually do, but we like this Stage 3 because of its name. Yes, every human wants to own a car that's called Stage 3 because it sounds pretty mysterious.

Imagine it.

Bro, what do you drive?

A Stage 3.


Nope, no one really knows what it means and no one would dare ask anyway because it sounds like one of those things that you're just supposed to know if you like things.

But, for the ill-informed, know this: The Stage 3 is a tuned Mustang that comes with a fancy-named supercharger and a new “high-flowing” inlet system. It all means that this here Roush pushes on 529kW, which is enough to make you cry.

But, hold back those tears bro because the teariest thing about the Roush is not the planetary amount of power or the 1Gs worth of lateral grip that it boasts around corners, but this - an exhaust app.

Yes, an app that changes the sound of your Rouche's exhaust system depending on your mood. It means that you can automatically adjust it from 'lioness on heat' to 'cheeky baboon' depending on what level of twat'ness you're looking to give off that day.

Worry not though for fear of judgment. In GT MAG's eyes there should only be one level of twat'ness available and that is as loud as it gets. So please Roush, don't do douche and get all techy. The exhaust dial is more than sufficient if we're looking to quieten things down, which we won't. Why else did we buy a 529kW car - to sneak on by?

Nope. A car called Stage 3 should only have one level of exhaust note.

Level 'as loud AF'.