LOL! This is called the Mitsouka Rock Star! True story...

It's a Mazda MX-5 underneath. But, on the surface it's an old-school Corvette! Well, kind of.

The Japanese are mad. Brilliantly mad! And Mitsouka, a coachbuilder from that very land of madness, has just unveiled this: It's a sports car built on a sports car in dedication to an old sports car, meant for new sports car lovers who can't afford real old sports cars.

Yes. They've fashioned this: It's called the Rock Star (mad, we tell you) and it looks like an old school Chevy Corvette, which is a good thing by the way and we quite like it to be honest, even though they've left behind the windscreen and doors of the Mazda underneath, which doesn't quite work with the rest of it.

Because the rest of it is brilliantly designed, molded from a Corvette of old and made all small to fit. It comes with chrome wheels, Corvette lights and lines, and that good ol' feeling that you're in an American.

Indeed, an American with Japanese underpinnings as this is a yankee-draped MX-5, which as you know is good. Not very memorable, no, but good! This though, the Rock Star (what a name bro!) is very good to look at and so brilliantly original for not being very original at all that we cannot help but smile.

Call us crazy, but we want this here Rock Star, even if it turn heads all across Mzansi for being, well, fong-kong brother.

Because fong-kong, my brother, it is.

Even so, and even if we do get laughed at for being drivers of this backyard jobbie, we don't care. We don't care at all. Because we know the truth and the truth is this: The Japanese have the most colourful car culture in the world and here again is proof of their mad-mad crown. Proof, for just R600k brand new!

Well. That's quite lot to be honest for a 1.5-litre automatic, which this is, but at least it will never break down. It is a Mazda, after all, and who knows someone with a broken Mazda? Not us.

Rock star here we come!