Fostla AMG GT fatter than fat, faster than fast

It's a more aggressive version of an already aggressive car. So tread lightly friends. It will likely fight with you in traffic!

There's always that one guy who goes mad in traffic. He shouts and shouts and waves his arms and, my gheyness forbid, gets out to reveal his pumped-up arms, bald head and shrunken prostate. Welcome to Joburg boet!

Well, this here is the car version of him by the way, which shouldn't put you off it.

Because, unlike humans like him who look more stupid the wider they get, this here GT actually looks even better! It's a hardcore rendition of our favourite GT S by German tuner Fostla, who have borrowed a widening kit from Prior Design.

Yes, that very same kit that we featured not so long ago in GT MAG on another GT S - that sick red and black one! Check it out here.

But, that car's problem was this: Under the bonnet it was unchanged and was all about the show and not the go. Well, not that the GT S can ever be considered to be only about the show because it still pushes on 384kW, which is more than sufficient for most rational humans across the world.

This however, is not as subtle and comes in at a neck-sore 477kW.

Jip. Take that boet! Joburg traffic and all.