Introducing Hennessey's F150 Heritage Edition

And yet again. A bakkie all South Africans wish they had!

Make no mistake about it brother. When John Hennessey builds something we want it. In fact, we cannot think of a Hennessey-build that we don't want and this one is no different.

Indeed, it's the same old recipe: They take an American icon and make it more American. That is, more recklessly powerful than a nation of nuclear weapons and more in your face than a Shivambu brother.

Jokes aside though, this bakkie is not a joke. It is real intense and arrives with 565kW of power, which makes a Bedforview M4 look like a screaming toddler.

Yes, a 5-litre V8 with a 2.9-litre supercharger can do impressive things to a car, even one this size. But let's be honest, when it comes to Sir John Hennessey and his cupboard of deadly tools, things are only ever impressive and none of this is a surprise.

So whether you want the Heritage Edition creeping on tar or lifted up high, Hennessey has a kit for you. The Sports Kit edition is nxa down low and comes with Brembo pads and sway bars - thank goodness for that - and the Off-Road offers you a lifted monster with fat Toyo tyres and more LED lighting than a Cape trance festival.

Now that's a jol bra!

Ain't no two ways about it. Thanks John!