Battle of Gauteng Stance - the sequel!

GP2CA called on all stancers this September to show face in Soweto. This is who did and a reminder to all that Gauteng don't play no games son!

Life-changing beats, orange sunsets and a bunch of smashing machines creeping on tar. It's the setting of our favourite game and all stancers across Gauteng were encouraged to come play.

Pull in, said GP2CA, our favourite car events-organisers that side of the khaki tracks, when they decided that one battle was not enough. Nope, two would do they nodded - a sequel if you will.

There, then, in a highveld-spring, a sequel they had.

Ignition TV, Channel O, SABC Africa and Massive Media all had their cameras rolling in Soweto that day, but it was the legends on the ground that GT MAG knows best: Mob Culture and Lager Nation were doing what they do - that is taking photos of things that we love.

Hot cars.

What a setting. What a day. Indeed - beats, sun and a bunch of smashing machines creeping on tar never looked so refreshing beneath a Soweto sky and quite frankly, we cannot wait for the trilogy.

In the meantime, here are the highlights from the Battle of Gauteng Stance 2 and everything you'd ever want to see if stancing is your thing.

Chances are, it is.