This Porsche Panamera GTS is red. But is it nice?

Yes, the Porsche you should never buy is back, but now in GTS model.

The Porsche Panamera became one of the ugliest cars on the planet when it arrived to a world that didn't want or need a 4-door Porsche. Hell no!

Incidentally, the joke was on us because we soon found out that many people actually want one because, well, we unfortunately see it a lot. Be assured then, our eyes still burn a lot when we do because it is still very ugly. Very.

Close your eyes then. Tighter! Because here's another one bro.

Yes, madness people. And, quite frankly, a mockery to the Porsche-making ancestors that initially put together the 356, which to this day is still perfect. 

The Panamera though is everything but, but we'd be lying if we didn't kind of like this here GTS in red because well, it's nice. 

Goes nice too by the way. 0-100km/h in 4.1 seconds is great for a limousine, and double cab levels of torque will never leave you wanting.

It's the same old V8 underneath by the way, which was always great to be honest and the interior looks  as snazzy as it ever did.

But, hear this gents. Red, green and GTS decals aside, this is still a Panamera. And no matter how nice it is remember this:

For every ugly Panamera out there, there is a 911 worth having. 

So why are you not buying that instead?

If you want a fancy 4-door, buy a 5-series or Range Rover like every body else and leave the sacred Porsche badge for the true sports cars of its origin.