Jirre. Protect me from myself!

This Yenko Camaro is so powerful that we'll need you to stop us from drooling.

He banna! How's this? 745kW is downright illegal. Quite literally! Yes, this Yenko Camaro Stage 2 is so powerful that it isn't street legal in North America, which is the place that all 25 of them will be sold by the way.

Well, isn't that just great news because we need protection from ourselves when we look at it. Indeed, there ain't nothing like a deadly American toy based on a deadly American toy so it's best that we'll never get to see and drive one in real life because we'll have too much deadly fun.

It's crazy to think that the standard Chevrolet Camaro SS is 405kW less powerful than this one, which is absurd because even that is more than powerful enough. Do the maths.

But, not so, thought Yenko - a tuning house from New Jersey that does silly and lovable things to engines to make them as powerful as that stuff that powers Iron Man suits.

Comics aside, Yenko is actually a bit of a joker as well. Because all of the above refers to a Stage 2 version of the offering, which is one on from the Stage 1. The Stage 1 however, is all the same illegal euphoria, but dulled down just a little bit.

That there is funny.

Funny because who in their right mind would buy the less powerful one? Both are as deadly as a Cape Cobra so why not just die quicker?

Get the Stage 2.