5 custom Mustangs set for SEMA!

SEMA is just about to kick off in Las Vegas. If you're lucky enough to pop in, here are 5 custom Mustangs that you'll see!

1. TJIN Edition Ford Mustang

Boom! Or should we Psshhhh? Indeed, this is a turbo'd Mustang of the highest order. Yes, TJIN has taken that 4-pot EcoBoost Mustang that no one should ever buy and sommer strapped on a turbo. Now, in purple, it's the purplest 4-cylinder that you should still never own.


2. Galpin Auto Sports Ford Mustang

GAS will do their usual thing: You know, take an already fast car, strap on a Roush supercharger and Ford Performance Exhaust, along with many other necessary things. Like hectic brakes ma'boet! Thank goodness.


3. CJ Pony Parts Ford Mustang

Much like the previous, this Mustang gets a supercharger from Roush, which helps it push a healthy 521kW, with change. Nice. Then, there's that subtle American flag just in case you forgot that you were in the land of the free, driving the most iconic American of them all!


4. CGS Motorsports Ford Mustang

This one is just like the rest of them: It's a tuned up 5-litre V8 with bigger brakes. But, this one boasts Brembo pads and an undercarriage of neons for when you're feeling a little Need for Speed nostalgic and want to break it down with some early-noughties hip hop. Thanks CGS.

5. Bojix Design Ford Mustang

This here is a custom Mustang without a supercharger. That's like pap without wors so we won't say another word about that. This though does arrive with 10-inch subs in the boot for the sound

man who will probably look at them and ask: "Why aren't they 12-inch?"

Beats us bro.