This is China's answer to the M3!

Lynk & Co. have built this. It's called the 03 concept and we want it more than we want free data.

Free data is great. You get to browse the internet to your heart's content and look at things. Like cars. And more cars. And engines. And racing. And girls!

Now though, that doesn't seem as important because we want this instead: It's called the Lynk & Co. 03 concept and it's China's answer to the M3! And what an answer it is - an absolute looker that will push on 372kW!


Now, you might remember Lynk & Co. from its SUV offerings - namely the 01 and 02 - and you may even remember that GT MAG loves them. But, never did we expect this: A hot saloon rival to the most iconic hot saloon in the world - the BMW M3!

Lynk & Co 02 - A Chinese statement!

But, how good will it be, you wonder, and wonder you should. Will it even come close to its European rivals over at BMW, Mercedes and Alfa?

Well, that requires a bit of foresight and an analysis from this vantage point: China are quick becoming world leaders in producing quality things and you need not look further than South Korea to understand how an Asian country can go from producing nonsense to brilliance in under a decade.

Isn't that right Kia?

So, be assured, it will likely be very good when it arrives and it will certainly get better with time. Not that we'll get it, we don't think, but you just never know! China's interest in Africa is at an all time high after all and hey, 1000 of these for two gold mines? Well, why not?

It will utilise Volvo's expertise when putting it all together by the way, which is good. It will be based on a Volvo after all, as Lynk & Co. is Volvo's sister company. Yes, both are owned by Chinese giant Geely and Lynk & Co. is basically the product when European motoring experience meets Chinese money.

Then there's this little truth, which matters. Its bits will be made juicier by Cyan Racing, which, if you care to know, will send this 03 to the World Touring Car Cup (WTCC) in 2019.

It all means this: BMW pasop! The Chinese are coming in hot and a bunch of Africans on the tip of the continent are choosing this over free data. And two gold mines!

Now, that should say it all...