Facelifted R8! Brilliant, boring and a little sad.

The facelifted R8 is here and nothing much has changed. It's still brilliant, still boring and still a little sad.

The Audi R8 is its own demon. Since 2006 its been doing the same old thing with the same old face and to be quite honest, it's still technically brilliant despite the fact that we're absolutely sick of it.

Yes, since before Jacob Zuma was president, since before smart phones were a thing and since before the Springboks even won the 2007 Rugby World Cup, the Audi R8 has been screaming about and breaking African necks.

Indeed, for the millionth time then on GT MAG, know this: When it arrived it was revolutionary. It was testament to the fact that movies could become real and that the future was here. Go and watch 2004s' iRobot to see what we mean. Quite literally, that was the R8's genesis.  Well, at least we think it was...

But now, 12 years later and what will continue on to 2020 at least, the R8 is still here while every other car brand has moved out, got married and popped out a couple of kids. But, not the R8. Un-aged and for the most part, unchanged, the R8's look is pretty much what it was when it arrived all those years ago.

Jip, all that's changed really, despite that slit in the bonnet, are the stats. Not the engine - that's still the same old brilliant V10 by the way. But 0-100km/h now arrives in 3.4 seconds or 3.1 depending on whether you get the Performance Quatrro or not, so you'll probably want the latter! 

But, here's why you shouldn't buy it and here's why it's the saddest super car in the world.

You see, those who buy the R8 don't quite understand that super cars are not about facelifts. They are NOT about segments that need to refreshed. They are about spiritual motoring legacies that live and die, and then get replaced with something better while honouring that which has gone before them.

The Countach replaces the Miura. The Diablo replaces the Countach. The Murciélago replaces the Diablo and the Aventador replaces the Murciélago.

In the emotional world of super cars, this is not some B-segment refresh station. This is not about new slits in the bonnet and refreshed specifications. Audi doesn't quite get that - it treats the super car segment like any other, which is wrong.

So no, we don't want a facelifted R8. We want the R8 to honourably die and then be replaced with something all-new. Something all-memorable. So that when you drive it, you think back to what it replaced: The brilliant R8 of an era long gone and what was once the best super car of its era.

Instead, we're still driving this one and destroying that legacy. It's boring and that slit won't fool us!

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