PATHETIC! This Mustang advert is banned in the UK

The UK has banned this Mustang advert because it "encouraged unsafe driving". Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic!

Sometimes, it must be real sad to live in the UK because how's this: They've banned a very chilled Mustang advert because it "suggested that driving was a way of releasing anger, which put the driver, other motorists and pedestrians at risk."

Indeed, after you watch the advert you'll understand why it is utterly pathetic. Not the advert, the banning of it!

Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic.

So go on. Watch it and laugh. And then, after you do, know this South Africa: Rage against the dying of the light! Do not let your circumstances overwhelm you - don't be suffocated by the mediocrity and boredom of the world and never let it suck away your spirit.

Never let your soul die!

This advert is exactly what GT MAG stands for. Not irresponsible and unsafe driving, no, but the truth that your car will colour your soul and bring meaning to an otherwise mundane world.

So yes, rage against the dying of the light! And if you can, do it by buying a Mustang.