The Speedtail - the fastest Mclaren ever!

It is the successor to the best car ever built - the F1. By the looks of it, it's now ready to take the crown.

When you first glance at the new McLaren Speedtail, the first thing you think is Jaguar. Jip, how's that for ironic? It has to do with those front wheels we think, and that late 90s vibe that remind us of the XJ220 supercar.

But, that's all momentary because when you let the rest of it digest, it's the legendary McLaren F1 that you feel most, which is deliberate. This, after all, is the official successor to the F1 and from ever angle it looks worthy.

Indeed, you know a car is fast when its profile is shaped like a tear drop and you can only imagine the amount of aerodynamic-engineering that went into shaping it - the amount of love that its designers now feel for it.

It had to be perfect. It just had to be, because when you replace the best car ever built - and the McLaren F1 is widely regarded as such - you have to make sure that that which replaces it is even better.

Tall order, we'd say.

And no, we don't know officially know if this is the new best car ever built - we'll let the journalists decide that when they get their hands on it - but what we do know so far does a lot for its case.

Looks aside for the moment - which are majestic just by the way, especially out back - this is the fastest McLaren to date and will hit 403km/h thanks to 772kW of petrol-electric madness. The engine hasn't been unveiled yet so we don't even know how it does it, but it does trump the F1 by some 11km/h.

It does so in 'velocity mode', using the “most aerodynamically drag efficient” shaped McLaren ever designed, which achieves 300km/h in 12.8 seconds. If that number means nothing to you, know that it is beyond monumental.

From inside, speed and acceleration must feel extraordinary, despite the fact that everything around you is extraordinary too from a design perspective - jet like in every way! Like the F1 it replaces, a centre seat is joined by 2 passenger seats, which means that you can bring a long both girlfriends for the jol. Lekker!

With two boots, that will be just perfect. Just perfect for what seems to be the most perfect car in the world until proven otherwise.

Disappointing then that only 106 will be built and of course all have already been sold.

Lucky them. And sad for us.