German tuner builds outrageous AMG C63!

The C63 AMG just isn't quick enough, is it? Nope, it needs another 238kW apparently.

Do the maths. That's 588kW in total, which just sounds a little ridiculous. Ridiculously fast! Yes, that's what G-Power is all about - making ridiculously fast machines that contain unnecessary numbers. Like 1000Nm of torque, which is a number that you'd associate more with an electric hyper car these days instead of some oke's AMG.


But, how did these Germans achieve all this madness? Well, they've given the standard C63 AMG a V2 turbocharger modification and V4 performance software upgrade, which means absolutely nothing to us. All we know is that it's dropped the 0-100km/h time by 0.7 seconds - to 3.4 - which for a sub-5 second machine is as difficult as trying to hide a Malusi Gigaba video.

But, unlike Malusi, G-Power has actually achieved it, which is testament to the strategy of their after market tuning. It involved reworking the gearbox to handle the power, because power without grip isn't really power at all.

A new intake system has also been added and an Akrapovič exhaust system to let every brother know what you're driving from Khayelitsha to Mamelodi!

From the outside, you won't go unnoticed either, but might find yourself a little camouflaged: It's certainly quite the look and is a paint job to match the muscle!

Indeed, this is exactly what this is. A rear-wheeled German muscle car that will cost you an added R400k or so over the standard C63 upon which it is based. In other words, if you have the money and want to show the world that your taste is a little eccentric, well then, here's what you'll need to get!

Heck, we'd want to be your friends if you did.