Halloween Surprise! Toyota unveil scary Corolla

Toyota USA has commissioned a one-off hot Corolla hatchback for SEMA! It's scary nice and we want it for real.

If you were wondering if we'll get this hot Corolla hatchback like for real for real, the answer is sadly no. But, we will get this shape Corolla in 2019 so you can do with it then what you please. And, if kitting it to look like this is your thing, well, then by all means have some fun brother

This is a one-off commissioned by Toyota USA for the Specialty Equipment Market Association show (SEMA) and was customized by Super Street magazine.

It contains a whole bunch of things for "track use”, which is good, including a RS-R coilover suspension and Falken FK510 high-performance tyres. Lightweight Volk wheels are also included and the engine mods include an HPS intake and A’PEXi quad-outlet exhaust with titanium tips.

It's more potent than it looks then in other words, but it's just a taste of what the new Corolla can offer if you're a little creative. Most importantly though, it's testament to the shape that it looks this good when modified and you only have to think of every Uber Corolla around to understand why Toyota want society to see the Corolla as more than just a taxi.

It's a car for the people. All people. And if you're one of those people who want to drop it to the floor and throw on some black mags - then it's for you too!

We love it! It's the best Halloween surprise ever.