This Dodge has an engine called Helephant!

It pushes 745kW, which is an African elephant amount of power. Best part about it - you can buy the motor separately and put it in your Golf!

Who in Africa doesn't want an engine called Helephant? No one, we'd say, because this monster would look just perfect in your Polo. Or your Cressida. Or - if you're really bordering on stylish and have a fetish for old American - your shell of a Dodge Charger where it belongs!

That's exactly what Dodge themselves have done by the way: They've gooi'ed it into a 1968 Dodge Charger to celebrate the iconic car's 50th birthday and to show you that it can go in anything! Looks fresh doesn't it? 

They will even fit the Helephant for you, which means that you've just read the coolest news since yesterday's Halloween surprise! Nice.

So, what do you want to put the Helephant in? Oh, imagine the possibilities. Imagine the tears! Imagine the sound...

Alas, all is not quite as simple as it sounds though, because let's be serious - 745kW of power and 950Nm of torque will not quite work in your standard run-around and you'll probably have to brace for other (and pricey) adjustments as well.

Indeed, it's precisely why this here old Charger is basically a modern Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat underneath so it can turn your right foot into actual momentum.  

But don't let that put you off! All can be achieved if it can be imagined. So go on! Poach yourself a Helephant and stack it on in. Unlike real ivory, this actually works for something... 

For your soul!

The name Helephant derives from the original 426 Hemi, which itself was called the elephant.