Is this the new R8? Will Smith doesn't lie

Here we go again: A Will Smith movie is letting us in on the future!

Boom! And just like that the car gods have answered GT MAG's prayers. Yes, 14 years on from Will Smith and iRobot's Audi RSQ reveal (which very much became the R8 two years later) we now have the RSQ e-tron, which releases in another Will Smith movie, albeit an animated one for kids.

It's called Spies in Disguise and it's looks pretty fun.

But, what it all means is this bro: What you're looking at is likely an all-new and electrified Audi R8 and if that's the case (which we're sure it is) you're welcome.

Thank parliament! Finally - a new Audi super car is coming and the best part about it is that we finally know what it (kinda) looks like. And it looks great!

Come on Audi. You need something great and we need this.

Here's what it could look like in real life by the way: Audi's e-tron is a shooting brake electric super car