Surprise! Kia unveil 22-inch-rimmed monster

Kia unveil supreme Stinger at SEMA and we're wondering what's the surprise?

Tell us: How much longer is the South Korean giant going to play on the 'power to surprise'? Because isn't a decade of good surprises, surprise enough?

Indeed, they've done it again, this time at SEMA in Las Vegas, and my-oh-my have they impressed. They've unveiled a one-off custom of the already-surprising Kia Stinger GT that motoring enthusiasts around world gave the thumbs up when it arrived last year. 

Now, they've taken that - it's 3.3-litre V6 and all - and thrown on a set of 22-inches with enough wheel arch to set up camp underneath. They call it the DUB Stinger GT and it arrives with a carbon fibre hood, black-suede and red-leather interior, and a series of unknown under-bonnet tweaks that make it all the more enjoyable. Nice!

Then, there's an air suspension kit to slam the little boych tightly round the set of 22-inches upon which it rests, which are quite frankly perfect. Perfect, we say - potholes and all!

Kia themselves though seem the most surprised out of anyone and insists that this custom piece of work "takes [the standard Kia Stinger GT] to unexpected places inside, outside and under the hood”.

It's almost as if their design team doesn't speak to anyone else in the company as if to leave them as surprised as the rest of us when new Kias arrive.

Jeepers! Because this is a surprise... 

But seriously though - these days, is it a surprise at all?

Well played Kia. Well played son!