This is a pink Rolls-Royce. It's for gangsters.

Mansory has unveiled a tuned version of a Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII. It comes in pink. And vomit green. Nice.

GT MAG has never been classy. That's probably why we're the only motoring platform that likes a pink Rolls-Royce Phantom because seriously, what's not to like? The Queen's machine in bright pink is definitely smirk-worthy and smirk-worthy cars are just the cars we love.

To be fair, it's more than the pinkness that makes us a little excited. There's that new grill beneath that old grill, which we don't quite understand. But, Mansory obviously thought that there wasn't enough grill when they saw the original and who's to say that they're not right?

Just joking. They are definitely wrong. A grill beneath a grill is a little weird, and the reason why it's particularly strange on this here Phantom is simple. The original masterpiece it replaces is already gangster enough and didn't need the bling!

Or did it? A more gangster Phantom after all, is a Phantom of truth and this here mod is only accentuating that truth: The original Rolls-Royce Phantom is gangster (despite the British believing in its class) so why not just go all out?

Jip, hear this: There is nothing classy about the Phantom VIII because no one that you want to know buys one, and if they do, you probably know that they're a bit of a twat. Or a gangster...

So, well played Mansory. And thank you for the extensive and unnecessary body kit that adds to the gangster-ness that we know this car already is.

Then, there's what lies beneath. Yes, that original monster motor has been tuned (gotta love it) and now pushes on 449kW and 950Nm of torque. Perfect for a infamous Bedfordview getaway, we say!

Although, new 24-inch rims won't serve well in potholed-hell, so just take it easy dear gangster-in-frame. We assure you that no one reasonable chases down a pink Phantom so you're all good.

As for the vomit green one? Well, you're on your own!

Thanks Mansory.