VW unveils Tarok concept! It's bitter-sweet

We want this a lot, but do we really need it? We need a Caddy replacement - not this.

South Africa is being starved of its fundamental motoring right: Access to an array of small single cab bakkies to choose from to help our cuzzie move house.

Instead, all we have left is the Nissan NP200, which we really like. Oh yes, then there's the Chevy Utility, but since Chev pulled out of SA it's hard to know how much longer we'll have that, which just isn't fair.

It's a far cry from the good ol' days. From the Corsa bakkie. The Fiat Strada. The Bantum boet. And of course, that very bakkie that we were pining for when we first saw this here Tarok: The VW Caddy!

Instead, we've been offered this (well, Brazil has for now) and it's called the Tarok. It's a small double cab concept that will sell like hot cakes if it ever arrives, which we're sure it will.

Sure, it is very nice looking, cool and practical too, but a rejuvenated single cab Caddy is what we really needed so it's hard to see the point in this.

It sits below the Amarok and from what we know, has no immediate competition, which makes it all the more alluring, and potentially all the more successful.

As is the case, you might ask this: This is better than some small single cab bro, so why you tripping GT MAG? Let's have this instead - something that's still essentially a small bakkie, but capable of transporting some friends too.

But, here's the problem: Despite the fact that it will likely be brilliant, it will probably be very expensive too and that's the point! Small bakkies are supposed to be a cheap way to get your hands on a bakkie, which is a fundamental South African motoring right. This though will be priced well out of the realm of what most people can afford and that there is a tragedy.

So although its 2-litre turbodiesel will push 110kW, which is everything that you'll ever need, it is not the type of rough-and-tumble small bakkie that we were looking for and that makes us sad.

What makes us sadder though is this: Those types of bakkies might never come again and we shudder to think of the day.