This hardcore Navara was inspired by a parrot!

Yes, a blue and yellow one from the jungle.

In a world with prancing horses and jumping Jaguars, Nissan wants to show some love for the Brazilian Hyacinth Macaw, which is a parrot that is blue and yellow and comes from a place very green - the jungles of South America!

It is part of their mission to woo South American buyers with this: The Navara Sentinel, which is a hardcore Nissan Navara concept that has been put together in an effort to save lives.

Jip, this is a rescue-ready Navara that has cool things. Likes drawers of tools and helmets and gloves and torches and ropes and axes, and a landing pad for a drone that you can use when you're out looking for the lost.

Now, we're not sure if the drone comes standard too - that's not made entirely clear - but let's just say that if it does it will make this concept that little bit cooler. Not that it needs to be cooler than it already is - this is gimmick heaven after all, and we'd give our pinky toe to own one the next time we head to the Kgalagadi.

It arrives with extensive backup power by the way (just in case you're left Eskom'd) for all those things on board that use electricity. Like drones, we think? And winches? And lights? Who knows. Then, the wheels have been made hectic-hectic with hardcore rubber and inside you'll find strips of yellow everywhere just in case you forget that you're a life saver.

Other things, like a snorkel, officially mean that you're in the most rescue-ready vehicle on the planet and that there is good news!

Only one problem though.

It is not entirely clear whether it comes with a satellite phone but we hope that it does. You know, for when you need to call your local khaki Land Cruiser to come tow you out boet.

Jip, this is an off-road Nissan after all. Could there be a worse emergency vehicle yet? Probably not.