The OnlyOne is the ugliest Ferrari in the world

And it costs R38-million. Boom.

We're not sure if we like Enea Casoni. He's an ex-Ferrari racing driver who's the man that built this: The ugliest Ferrari in the world. It's called the E.C. OnlyOne P8, which is probably the best thing about it, if of course you pronounce 'OnlyOne' in a staunch Italian accent.

Try it. It's fun.

But, this car is not the reason we don't like him, but rather it's the selling tactic behind selling it. Yes, he says that this was inspired by a "time when racing cars were for men”, which is frankly a little stupid and unnecessary.

To all women out there, know this: Enea Casoni is probably a bit of an idiot and that there is the end of it.

But, let's speak about his car for a moment, which is an eye-sore beyond eye-sores. It's based on a Ferrari F430 and contains hardcore racing things. Like ABS and traction control that "have two knobs of twelve positions each”.

Now, we have no idea what that even means so we won't pretend to, but we will say this: Enea, as misogynistic as he clearly is, does take his racing rather seriously because only someone who really believes in the art of driving (which is a beautiful art) can take a F430 and turn it into a quicker, lighter, more powerful and uglier version of itself - all in the name of art.

Well, as that is the case, we can only hope then that there is a buyer out there who believes in his vision because he is now selling it for R38-million, which is the price of a small country.

Indeed, you're right though. There is probably somebody out there who can afford it and maybe even somebody who wants it. But tell us, how many blind billionaires are there in the world, and how many of them like to drive?

Not many we'd think.