Oupa's Mercedes just got faster!

And a whole lot more green. Green like the colour though - not the environment.

These days there's a Mercedes for every one if you grew up in a Kardashian-like family with money enough to buy a few. Mom gets the GLE. Dad gets the C-Class. Sister gets the G-Class and you, you lucky man, get the A35 AMG because you like things that bite. 

Indeed, if you're from a family like this (lucky you btw), you'd probably agree that your grand father drives the E-Class because it's the old man of the bunch that no one really wants, except him of course.

It's a lazy-looking thing geared more for easy cruising than face smashing. Well, most of the time that is because the AMG E63 S is a little bit more intense than that and if your Oupa owned one of those he'd probably feel like he owned more than enough car.

But, if he was 12 years old at heart like GT MAG, he might want a little bit more - and this here is a green Mercedes with a little bit more than more.

It's an uptuned AMG E63 S by Fostla and Brabus, who've teamed-up to not only make it look very nxa - but also go very fast. Fast indeed. Faster than the factory makes it go, which was already fast enough.

This one however is all tuned-up and pushes 588kW and 1000Nm of torque, which is enough to make your Oupa feel 12 again and get that blood pressure up where it needs to be.

Jip, when you're that old, 0-100km/h in 3 seconds must feel like a Musk-designed rocket and must send you to the moon with a wrinkly-faced smile.

All snug in your emerald-green-matte vinyl wrap, it's a good way to travel celestial we think, and we're just happy that Oupa's now happier than ever.

A faster E-Class? It's a whole lot more fun than Gogo, that's for sure.