The Aussies are sulking about this Ford advert

In yet another display of "first world" baby-sitting, this Ford Ranger Raptor advert has been banned.

Well, there you have it: First the British, now the Aussies! Jip, they've also jumped onto the baby-sitting band wagon and banned this: It's an advert about a Ford Ranger Raptor that we've all seen a million times before.

That is, we've all seen a bakkie smashing a dirt road in the hope that we will buy it, so what's the issue bro?

Well - the Aussies just aren't having it and have banned this because it apparently encourages reckless driving.

Crikey mate. Chill out...

Because know this: No one buys a Raptor and does this anyway. Why? Well, because it's severely under-powered, that's why! It's just a plain lie, isn't it Ford?

Ps. This is actually not the exact advert that was banned. This is the New Zealander version but it's more or less identical bar a couple of voice overs.