Look harder Simba! This is Aston's new 4X4

The Aston Martin DBX is on its way. This here is the prototype, which you can't really see. Still, it says a lot.

It's hard, isn't it? Hard to see what lies beneath all that camouflage. Will it be pretty, you wonder? Will it be brave? Or will it, at the very least, be faster than heck?

Well, we suspect all three to be honest. A face from an Aston can only ever be pretty. An SUV born from a sports car can only ever be brave. And an Aston, surely, can only ever be fast.

But, speculation aside, this is what we do know: The world has moved on. Indeed, we're not even questioning why Aston need an SUV at all because, be assured, this will probably sell better than all other Astons available, which says the most.

To be honest, we're actually really excited. Unlike Lamborghini. Unlike Maserati. Unlike Ferrari will do. And unlike Porsche once did - this Aston Martin 4X4 will probably look so gorgeous when it arrives that we probably won't really care that its genetics were never meant to go off-road.

Yes, be assured, this Aston will look good no matter where it goes and we'd bet our braai tongs it will look better than all of its competitors. Besides, its very existence, like all super-SUVs, will fund the development of the road-going Astons we love so much already, so this is just a win-win no matter how you look at it.

As for its development, it will be put through a “punishing regime” across “some of the world’s harshest environments”, from the Arctic to the Middle East, from Alpine passes to the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Oh please. That's nothing bro. We wonder if it will come to the North West at all. Because you know it son: If something can survive those Mahumapelo potholes, you've got yourself a winner!

It's a pity that we'll have to wait a year to see it for real though - expect this DBX in the last quarter of 2019 only!

Ay Aston - you're killing us son...