Subaru SA unveil Diamond Edition STi! Respect

Imagine a Scoobie a little bit more powerful than a Scoobie. This is that - with bright yellow underneath. 

It's not often that South Africa unveils a special edition vehicle - special only to us - and not often that they're as legendary as this - the Subaru WRX STi Diamond Edition, which is catered to all those Scoobie-loving folks from Glenvista to Phoenix who are prepared to spend way too much on a Subaru.

Alas, the Subaru WRX STi is not as cool as it was once was, mainly because it's just too expensive, but we still love it a lot because what's not to love about the deep growl of a boxer motor set atop bright yellow skirting?

Underneath, this one is all tweaked-up and tops the current STi by some 39kW, bringing it up to a smile-worthy 260 thanks to an ECU remapping.

It now hits 100km/h in 5 seconds flat, which these days sounds pretty slow, we know, but believe us, it's not - you'll still get the kick of your life if you let it go kicking around the corners. That's where our favourite Japanese automaker has always shone best anyway and where we still want to take this one.

Indeed, not all is lost in this modern rendition of the STi. There's still something very cool about Subaru in general - and this one in particular. You kind of feel that whoever buys it knows something about the motoring world that the rest of us don't. Something pure. Something special. Something real...

And even though they'll be ripped off blind at R799,000 for this one, perhaps it will be worth it. Who knows though right? Only 30 of these will be built and you'll probably never get the chance to ask.