Lamborghini unveils the SC18! It hurts

This is not something from a super hero movie. It's even better.

Squadra Corse is not the name of a gin bar in Parkhurst. Nope, it's the racing division of Lamborghini, which is a little bit hilarious. Because yes, can you believe it that Lamborghini needs a racing division at all when its "normal" division makes things like the Aventador SVJ.

Indeed. Just when you think it can't get any better, it does. 

This is precisely where Squadre Corse comes in - with this - The SC18, which is a one-off build for a special customer who wanted a Lamborghini more outrageous and more bespoke than any other Lamborghini in the world.

It's the start of something all-new by Lamborghini - bespoke Lamborghinis built for individuals by their racing division, which kind of makes you feel like an idiot if you just bought the SVJ.

Because let's be serious. This, with its F40-like wing and all, is cooler even than that, which says a lot about how cool this is. This machine is smoking brother - ain't no two ways about it - and if you're wondering now if you can trade your SVJ in for something like it, well, let's hope so.

Because this one boasts all the same healthy ingredients as the SVJ, including that V12 from another galaxy, but this time it's all squeezed into a lighter frame, with more cooling vents than the batmobile and hits 0-100km/h in an undisclosed amount of time. AKA - faster than fast.

The SVJ does it in 2.8 if you were wondering by the way, so you can only imagine what this produces.

But, does it all really matter, you wonder, because can a car this low actually be road legal? Indeed, at 109mm off the ground you wouldn't think so.

But, smileys all round ntwana: It is. You can actually smash its carbon fibre bits on any speed bump that you want, which makes it all the more nice.

Nicer than nice. So nice that it hurts!