You can now buy an ELECTRIC Ford Mustang!

It will only drive for 200km, but hey. It will do so quicker than any other Ford Mustang in the world!

The classic Ford Mustang is the apex of motoring design. Few would argue that any car is as sexy and none would argue that any is as iconic. So how do you build then on something that is, quite frankly, already perfect?

Well, with electricity of course - 300kW of it and 1200Nm of torque...


And ridiculous. The good type of ridiculous that is - the type that pulls your skin off your face!

It's exactly the look that Charge Automotive is going for because this is theirs - 1 of 499 electrified versions of the Mustang, which will sell for R3.6 million a pop.

Expensive, yes, but my oh my is it pretty and my oh my is it fast! 0-100km/h in 3.03 seconds is blitz bru and you won't find anything as fast on Witkoppen.

Certainly, nothing will be as striking because this is gorgeous - a gorgeous take on the future! Ironically, dipped in the beauty of the past, it's testament to the fact that the technical brilliance of the coming decade might be best appreciated in the cloaks of yesteryear, which is the perfect way to lure in any non-believers.

Because surely any car lover from Planet Earth will appreciate this, whether or not they hate the drone of electricity. It's hard to hate something that looks this good and goes this fast!

But, it does come with one significant problem and most obviously this lies in its ability to go very far. Now, electric cars have made huge strides in this department and most these days are better than this: It will only run for 200km before you will need to recharge it, which is not good enough.

It means that this is a city Mustang only, which kind of defeats the point of a Mustang. Mustangs are for the open road. The emptiness of the Karoo. The road trip between the coasts!

This can't do any of that so what's the point?