Turn your new Jimny into a little G!

Or a little D. But don't say that out loud...

Dream Automotive Design and Development - or DAMD for short - are now offering us all the opportunity to turn our new little Jimny into either a baby G-Class or baby Defender with mini body kits designed to resemble the big daddies of the 4X4-ing world.

Well, we'll be DAMD! That's pretty cool bra.

The first, called the Little G, actually looks pretty pimp but the Little D - well, perhaps not so much.

But, we're not sure if that has to do with the most unfortunate name in the world (don't say it loud) because the kit itself is actually pretty shweet and we're impressed that the Jimny can pull them both off.

Sure, you'd be silly to get either kit - let's be serious - but for a bit of humour, hey, why not?

Whatever you do though, don't get "Little D" written on the front of your Defender. Just don't do it brother! Spare yourself the pain.