New convertible Bentley Continental GT is nxa!

Bentley convertibles are for people with accents. Luckily, South Africa boasts the best accents in the world, with the best weather.

Chek-ie Bentley bra! Yoh. He banna! It's like hectic-hectic nice and we want one, even though it will probably cost more than an iPhone when it eventually arrives.

Yes, expect VBS-looting sort of numbers, we think, with more zeroes than heroes, which aren't the only ridiculous numbers about this vehicle that you will love to hear about.

Like this one: 0-100km/h in 3.8 seconds will be achieved roof down-and-all - rrright - thanks to 467kW and enough torque to tow two truck-trailers of Gupta-soaked coal all the way to Kusile power station and back again. That's 900Nm if you care to know, which is a lot.

Then, there's inside, which you can make look like a 70s porn suite, which is also a-lot-a-lot. But is it good?

Of course it is! What's wrong wit'choo?

Now, usually we'd tell you not to care about any of this because Bentleys are for people with money-accents. Normally British ones or Houghton ones - you know, those old school ones who get excited when Royalty gives birth.

Well think again bru! This Bentley is pretty enough for all of us, all accents included, and anyone with taste would agree. Well, GT MAG doesn't usually have much taste - let's be honest - but we like this here Bentley and suspect you will too.

So there you have it: A new Bentley without a roof. Well, at least until you put it up again, which will take 19 seconds by the way. But, if you haven't got that sort of time to waste, keep it down! The new neck warmers are apparently pretty good in this one.

Thanks Bentley. You're just too kind.