This is officially the new Porsche 911!

The all-new Porsche 911, the 992, is the 8th-generation of the most iconic car-shape in the world.

Subtle, isn't it? Subtle indeed. In fact, if you don't know your 911s you might struggle to see it, but be assured it's there, most notably outback with that single light bar that is the new "Porsche look" across the range.

We first checked it on the Taycan when it was still the Mission E, but now it's official: The most famous Porsche in the world (and the most iconic car-shape in the world) now boasts the same full length light feature as the rest of them - and like on them, it looks very good.

But, it's more than just the lights. In size, in creases, in door handles, in rims, in interior, in building materials, in power - all have been tweaked and changed to give you an all new sense of German'ess from the one now old.

0-100km/h in the Carrera S now takes 3.7 seconds, and the 4S now 3.6, which is testament still to Porsche brilliance: Remember, the motor is still out back and is way smaller than many of its rivals, while still performing like a demon. In fact, despite a 3-litre turbocharged flat-six that has been tweaked to make the air that you and breathe even cleaner, it pushes 22kW more power than the previous.

And that's just the beginning. Of course, these Carreras are way down low in the offering and by the time we reach the GT versions, we're expecting the gates of hell...

Internet rumours suggest that hybrids will come too - maybe even fully-electrics - which is pretty revolutionary stuff. For the moment though, manuals will be offered in this here 3-litre we're told, despite them not being available yet for purchase.

Then, there's that. Expect the Carrera S to start from about R1.8 million - maybe more. But, for an icon like this, with performance that breaks necks, it's not bad is it?

Sure, it might still look like any old 911, but hey, when has that ever been a bad thing (the noughties aside)?