Audi e-tron GT - you beauty!

The new e-tron GT concept is nice! But, will it look like this when it actually arrives?

Audi! You sneaky bugger - building concepts that make us love you all over again in the hope that we forget that the Q2 exists.


Well, joke's on you - the Q2 of our nightmares is still very much a real thing but it doesn't take away from this here e-tron GT concept, which is rather beefy.

We like them beefy by the way, especially with stats like this:

0-100km/h "in around 3.5 seconds" and 200km/h in just over 12 are just fine with us. 434kW compliments of all-electric madness and a 400km+ driving range mean that we like this e-tron GT even more, which is good.

But, it's the looks of the e-tron that we like the most. Wow. bravely-shaped, we say. And sexy too: Like an Audi TT made love to an S3 and its baby went gymming.

Beats us though whether those aggressive arches will ever make the cut come production in two years time. If they do, we'll shave our left leg.

Razor's ready...