An electric bakkie faster than a super car. This is your future!

This is a new world order, the most extraordinary thing we've seen since the car destroyed the horse. This is the Rivian R1T and it is your future!

When The Jabulani Man was coming of age within the borders of our most extraordinary Mzansi, the early 90s KB250 was an Isuzu that his father owned. Black clouds of diesel's poison were standard then and it was that very motor, its brilliance-and-all, which powered his entrepreneurial dreams.

Now, years later, it is a donkey beyond donkeys and even its latest of successors, the X-Rider, looks long in the tooth. As does everything else now that we cherish in SataAfrika, including the Land Cruisers of our grandfather's dreams and all those machines that made us who we are. The Hilux. The Ranger. And the Hardbody, which isn't so hard anymore, is it?

For here is the truth Afrika: The Rivian R1T is a bakkie that is faster than a super car, with more loading space than any other bakkie you've ever come to love.

It is extraordinary.

Working out of California and London, Rivian was born to deliver products "the world didn’t already have,” explains their boss RJ Scaringe. It comes riding the all-electric wave rushing towards the 2020s - a time that you will come to remember as the time that changed the modern driving world.

Indeed, that time is now basically here and the Rivian R1T is just another example of why we should be more excited than we are.

For tell us right here, right now: What bakkie out there right now is this cool? Surely there is none. 0-100km/h in 3 seconds flat is outrageous. The Aventador SVJ does it in 2.8 without 4 boots: Yes, the Rivian not only comes with a bakkie's load bin, but an additional 880-litres of loading space on top of all of that.

Jip, without an engine, life just got so much more spacious.

Underneath, the R1T is powered by four electric motors on each wheel, which together (hear this) produce 14,000Nm of torque. 

Yes. Fourteen-thousand nanometers of torque. That's so much torque that we had to double check and then check again. Thats more torque than 28 Ford Rangers combined, which is just a little crazy. Just a little...

0-160km/h in under 7 seconds is perhaps even more outrageous a number when you see the photo of the rear-loading tent .

Say what?

Jip, this is a bakkie meant for off-roading...

The top of the range version comes with a 644km driving range by the way, which means that it will get you further than you think too, and then when it charges, it does so cleverly: It changes how it tops up up depending on your driving habits, which optimises how it then uses its power. How, we don't know, but oh my, isn't that just a cool thing to tell people? It is.

A cool thing about a very cool car. So gents. Forget about your petrol dreams for just a moment. Because let's be serious. This here is this year's coolest toy. Sure it will probably cost more than most other toys combined, but brother: This thing looks worth it!

It's officially the juiciest thing we know that uses no juice whatsoever.