This BMW station wagon has more power than sense

Ze Germans do mad things. One of those mad things is make station wagons go very fast.

Station wagons are useless. Well, in Africa at least because who in their right mind buys a station wagon when you can own a 4X4 for all that pothole-bashing and Karoo-tumbling? We're not entirely sure...

But, if you really, really, really want a station wagon, why not get a really, really, really fast one?

Yes, why not get this one by German tuner, Carbonfiber Dynamics, whose taken a standard 550i Touring and injected it with an M5 from technical head to technical toe. Quite literally! And, if that wasn't enough they've also had it tuned by a place called Aulitzky Tuning, which, to be honest, sounds a little murderous.

What it all means is this then: This here station wagon pushes 671kW, which is a ridiculous amount of power for a shape of car that no one really wants.

Or do we? Now they've got us confused...

Damn ze Germans - damn them - because this looks pretty good doesn't it? Mommy-wagon and all.

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