What's new about this McLaren then?

The roof! Well, the lack thereof.

We know what you're thinking. Another "special edition" McLaren that looks like every other McLaren to make you feel like an idiot if you just bought a previous version. Well, not quite, because this McLaren is actually not a special edition at all, but rather is the convertible version of the 720S, which will only make you feel like an idiot if you just bought the non-convertible one.

Thanks McLaren.

Jip, this one, called the 720S Spider, comes without a roof. Well, if you give yourself the 11 seconds to let it down that is. All-in-all then you'll need 13.9 seconds to get topless in your driveway and then to 100km/h down your road.

That's good, especially if you're hoping to catch sunset at Caprice, which is where you'll probably see this car most. Indeed, Cape Town after all is the convertible of South Africa and the new 720S Spider will go down a treat in the shadow of the mountain.

The usual 4-litre twin turbo V8 is still the vibe here by the way and will sound even better now without the rain-stopper. Indeed, we can only imagine that the 529kW machine screams more now than ever, which is just perfect.

From R4.3-million, it ought to be.