Tesla coming to SA in 2019! Probably...

Elon Musk officially (but unofficially) confirmed the news over Twitter. Nice.

South African-born-and-raised Elon Musk is a cool guy. He's redefining the car world for environmental gees and is colonising Mars for fun. Indeed, he might be the coolest person on Planet Earth if it wasn't for Hlaudi Motsoeneng.

Jip. No one is cooler than Hlaudi. Not even Hlaudi himself...

Seriously though, we love Elon Musk and we love Tesla because what's not to love about cars that go from 0-100km/h in under 2 seconds? Jip, the Roadster will pack that punch when it arrives and South Africa will officially (but unofficially) get a taste of it.

Yes, Musk officially (but unofficially) confirmed that Tesla will open a branch at the end of 2019 in South Africa, which is amazingly good news and the best news to come from Twitter since the news that Twitter itself might be dying.

If only...

Now do it Muskie-boy! Bring them Teslas home. Hlaudi wants one real bad.

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