Did the VW Passat just get sexy?

Sure looks like it. But who the heck will buy one?

Sketches of the upcoming US-spec VW Passat have been unveiled and you're thinking - well, we'll have some of that son!

Well, you won't. Only America and China will get this version, but we'll still get something real sexy and similar regardless, which is good news. Indeed, Oupa's Passat now officially looks the business, don't you think?

About time.

The sedan-shaped Golf after all has never been the most appealing thing out there so we're just glad that it's starting to look like something we actually want, even though we'll never really buy it. Because who actually buys the VW Passat? Seriously who, besides Oupa?

Now more than ever we're not quite sure because what's the point of Oupa getting the Passat when he can now have the Arteon? Regardless, both are still proof that we don't really want sedan-shaped VWs anyway unless of course they're Polos picking us up after a night out.

Thanks Uber.

On a serious note though, we suspect that a slammed version of this Passat will actually look very sick so we're looking forward to seeing a few at the next big meet.

Until then, know that South Africa's Passat will get either a 1.4-litre TSI motor pushing 110 kW, a 2-litre turbodiesel pushing 130kW or a (the one you'll want) 2-litre TSI with 162 kW.

Airlift suspension doesn't come standard though. Pity.