This E30 M3 has a Bulgarian secret...

Vilner Garage is a tuning house from Bulgaria and they just became our new favourite country. Meet the E30 M3 Evo!

Ah yes. The Bulgarians. We know nothing much about them except for the fact that they're from Bulgaria.

Cool story.

But, now know this: They're a car mad nation just like us and share something in common with beautiful South Africa. Yes, the love for the gusheshe. The box shape. The shape we all want to own because we're pimp like that and understand style ntwana. Aweh...

Because tell us: What's more stylish than an E30 M3? Not much, we'd say. Well, not much except this - an E30 M3 with an E36 motor. Yes, that very same straight six from the dolphin shape of our wettest BMW dreams.


It's like biting into a chocolate cake and finding warm caramel. Holy smokes - an E30 with a straight-six wine is like getting a hot girl to marry you, only to then find out that she's super rich too.

Well, well, well - talk about sexy then. 329kW at 9000rpm is as sexy as it gets in a car that only weighs 1200kg and you'll probably come to appreciate the roll bars that come standard in this. 

Inside, a chequered textile fabric with leather edges looks like Oupa's underwear drawer, which to be honest is not as appealing as it could be. But, when you see what's written on the floor, your smile will quickly return. 

It says "Race Shoes Only" which is code for "Bring a spare pair of underpants".

Chilled bro. We'll bring two.