This is the coolest bakkie in the world!

Well, well, well. Call us Afrikan and slap us sideways. This here is the coolest thing we've seen all year!

If you read GT MAG often, you'll know this: We love the Polish because they're the home of Carlex Design - a place that does its fair share of making crazy bakkies that we love more than we love our mothers.

True story bro. And this here is no different - it's a reworking of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class and is an even crazier 6-wheeled rendition of the 6X6 Concept that we got a little while ago. Indeed - we didn't think that it could get any crazier to be honest, but it sure looks like the joke's on us!

This is crazier. By a lot.

It's called the Exy Monster X, which is the coolest damn name in the world. Fitting because this here is the coolest damn bakkie that we've ever seen and if you've seen something cooler, well, who are you and why aren't you working for us?

For call us Afrikan and slap us sideways. We want the Exy Monster X more than we want Hlaudi Motsoeneng to retire and that there is a lot! Like a lot a lot.

This thing is outrageous. It is made entirely of carbon fibre - lowered, widened and lengthened - with a load bin finished in protective structural paint. Be assured, we have no idea what that even means or how it works, but we desperately want to tell someone about it at our next braai.


This thing is crazy. It's like Jack Parow and Cassper Nyovest had a baby together and this is the bakkie that their baby buys 30 years from now. It is monumental. Monstrous. Magnificent. Mad-mad-mad!

Well, kind of. Because underneath you'll still likely to get the X350d's 3-litre V6 turbodiesel, which is so unbefitting that it should be illegal.

This thing needs a V16! Anything smaller should be flagged, nabbed and locked up for being too damn pathetic.

Carlex Design. You know what to do.