BMW M8? Get this instead boet!

German tuning house Manhart is impatient. They want the M8 so badly that they've just gone and made one.

Ze Germans are well known for being on time. But sometimes being on time is not even enough for them and bringing time forward is the most reasonable thing to do.

That's what Manhart has done here. They're so sick of waiting for the BMW M8 that they've gone and taken an M850i xDrive and made this: It's called the MH8600 and it threatens to be even quicker than the M8 when that eventually arrives.

It pushes 456kW and 870Nm of torque, which is enough at least to make you smile until the real one shows face, which (by the way) is set to become the fastest BMW ever made. Pretty hectic, we know, and we're not so sure that a few software upgrades at Manhart will be enough to outdo the real thing.

But hey, we ain't complaining: We dig these 21-inch wheels regardless, the carbon fibre touches and all those gold bits everywhere you look.

This here is a statement - fong kong M8 or not!