Hairdressers rejoice! Is this Toyota's new MR2?

No it isn't. But yoh brother - it's good for it!

You may remember the MR2 in yellow. It was that dinky little sports car that no one ever wanted but kind of wish they had the extra bucks to buy. It wasn't ugly enough to hate, but not cool enough to spend money on and frankly there were much better things out there.

Unlike the Mazda MX-5, the MR2's cult following never came: Instead, it became the go-to machine for South African hair dressers who didn't have the cash to the buy the bug-eyed Audi TT, but didn't want the Mazda.

Jirre. Talk about terrible choices.

Be that as it may, all hairdressers now have the opportunity to redeem themselves with this: A new MR2 by Toyota that you can dream about today. And dream you should - this is a very pretty and very well designed machine that will sit slap bang between the Toyota 86 and the much-anticipated Toyota Supra.


Pity it isn't real though. Nope, this design is not Toyota's at all actually. In fact, it's just a playful little experiment by car designer Esa Mustonen who is annoyingly talented.

When rumours surfaced that the new MR2 would make a comeback, he decided to draw it before Toyota could. And here it is: The design Toyota will wish they own when rumours turn real and the MR2 actually returns (which we suspect it will).

Inspired by the coming Supra, including other smart Toyota touches here and there, it's our favourite new Toyota that we'll never get.


This is real nice and every hairdresser would agree.