This Lincoln has suicide doors! For the boss.

What's cooler than suicide doors? Surely every boss needs one, including you!

It is widely accepted that you need three things to be da boss. The first is money to spend. The second is a suit made for CEOs. And the third is a car that boasts suicide doors.

Indeed, if you don't have all three you probably aren't boss enough and you're probably just a man. And, of the three essentials you're missing, suicide doors are probably it because your BMW is just too German to be cool like that.

Ag shem...

Well, enter the Americans - the kings of the suicide door and the manufacturers of Lincoln, the most boss car brand ever made.

Indeed, for many years suicide doors were the standard and the iconic Lincolns of yesteryear led the way. So much so that they've now gone and made this in dedication to their past - the Lincoln Continental ‘Coach Door Edition’. It comes with suicide doors to celebrate 80 years of the iconic Continental name. Nice.

It comes with a 3-litre twin-turbo V6, pushing on 300kW and 542Nm of torque, which is real good too, but irrelevant. Because when you exit it, you'll look like da boss.

So there you go Boss Man. What are you waiting for?