This one-of-a-kind has 48 exhausts!

It was built in 1975 by the mad man who designed the Batmobile. Underneath, it boasts six Cobra V8 engines!

There are many cool things about the 1970s (which are yet to be discovered), but perhaps the most appealing thing about them was the motoring side of things - a time when V8s were to cheap to run and cheap to buy.

But, no matter how cheap they were, six of them lined-up in a car that looks like a space ship is pretty damn ridiculous, and was never likely to take off. Spoiler alert - it never did.

It's called the Snakepit and it was designed by George Barris who was the genius behind many iconic TV cars, including the Batmobile, Knight Rider's KITT and General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard. The Snakepit however, was not built for TV - instead it was built to go very fast and break the land speed record of the time.

Yes, it would achieve its goal with 1491kW that would propel it to close to 500km/h. Now, if that's not the scariest thing that you've read today, you're obviously into your horror reads. Yes, 483km/h in this - a 48-cylinder monster, sounds genuinely terrifying, especially when you see the steering wheel, which sits up at a 90-degree angle and looks like you're about to enter a submarine.

Safety? What safety. This was the 70s brother!

Alas, the car never really ended up working, but will be remembered for being this: Hideous. And unforgettable. And the coolest damn 48-pistoned bad boy ever built.

Oh yes, and you can now own it by the way. It goes to auction in February!