A Suzuki Jimny bakkie? Lekker jy!

It's called the Jimny Sierra Pickup style and it's for real for real! Wood panelling included.

For years we've been complaining about the lack of small bakkies left in South Africa and for years we've been pining for a new Champ. Or Caddy. Or Corsa. Or Bantum boet! And although none of those seem to be coming anytime soon, Suzuki has gone and done their part.

They've taken our favourite road-tripping machine and sommer gooi'd on a load bin because they can. Ah yes - what a pleasure. They've removed the back seats, thrown on some fatter wheels and arches and then done the coolest thing ever: They've given it character by placing wood panelling down the side, which is pretty damn sweet.

Then, they've gone all vintage: You'll notice the classic Suzuki badge to give it that old school feel, which is a great touch. Certainly, when it eventually arrives we hope that it looks a lot like this, wood panelling and badge included!

But, this is not the only new Suzuki that will be joining us. There's also the Survive SUV Concept, which is basically the Jimny you know and love already, but on roids. Take a look below to see what we mean...

Land Rover Defender move over. Africa has a new spirit of adventure and it's Japanese.