This gimmick McLaren is laughable

Ah yes. MSO - McLaren Special Operations doing what they do: Nothing really.

When McLaren release a special edition of one of their special cars, you know it's stand up comedy time. What stupid thing have they done this time to make us think about them?

Well, of all those stupid things this is probably the stupidest, although one did come with a dragon once, which was pretty stupid too. If you don't believe us, go and check this out: The Cabbeen Collection? You joking...

Still, this doesn't mean that we don't love McLaren and doesn't take away from how brilliant their cars are. Indeed, this special edition 720S is still special for merely just existing and didn't need this special name: 720S Spa 68 Collection.

Yes, this is one of three 720Ss that now exist in pure dedication to the 50th anniversary of McLaren's first F1 win at the Belgian Grand Prix in 1968, which was driven by Mr McLaren himself.

It means that this one is papaya orange just like the one he drove. Thanks MSO. Then, to make it as "special" as possible, it comes with a squiggle of a decal in front of the back wheels, which is not a production mistake. Nope, it's the shape of the outline of the 14km Spa track as it was in 1968. On a car though, it looks like a child took a koki and messed up his dad's new McLaren. Pasop seun!

Well, thanks McLaren. And thanks for also putting that squiggle on the seats and then writing in real words what it all means - check out the carbon fibre tub at the doors if you need an explanation.

Wow - being special never felt so special. MSO - you special chaps.