5 things we know about cars from 2018

Bakkies, flying cars and everything fast from here to Asia.

1. 1940s design is where we’re headed!

From the Ferrari Monza to the Infiniti Prototype 10, leading-edge design is drawing inspiration from 1940s' racers and it looks pretty damn good. Defined by the bubble over the driver, a tube-like design and (for the most part) very little windscreen, super cars of the future are looking very much like ones from 80 years ago.

We love it! What do you think?

2. Electric cars can be emotional

When Porsche announced that the Taycan – their upcoming electric super car – would boast an emotional sound even without a gas-guzzling engine, we tipped our hats and thanked the car Gods. But there was more too – the Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow concept is promising to arrive with a choice of engine sound, which is even better. Then, the new Tesla Roadster proved this: Who cares about emotion when you look this good?

What a time for electric cars this is!

3. Flying cars will become a thing

Drone technology over the past few years has re-energised the potential for flying cars and a future set in the clouds. From Airbus to Aston Martin, manufacturers are beginning to believe that flying cars are serious business and 2018 confirmed the buzz. In the next few years expect a flying car near you, especially if you live in mega cities like Dubai, London, Tokyo or New York.

That's only the beginning!