A new Citi Golf? Mzansi - have it!

Rumours out of Germany suggest that VW is considering a Golf Light, which may be inspired by the original MK1!

A new Citi Golf for Mzansi? Well, well, well. 2019 you beauty - if this is the type of news you're bringing us to start with, it's going to be some year. 

Well - kind've. These are just rumours after all and the picture you're looking at is just a rendering by AutoBild - a German based publication that seems to know things. 

Well, we know things too by the way and what we know is this: South Africa loves the Golf 1 more than it loves Twitter and if VW is serious about life, they should look to AutoBild for inspiration. Because a new Golf 1-inspired vehicle is seriously good news and would sell here quicker than Mazzotti's cigarettes. 

If it does come, the Golf Light will sit just above the Up and (we assume) just below the Polo Vivo, which is just the perfect size for a small car. It's the space where Golf truly belongs and not where it has found itself in the recent past - in a segment that has become way too fat and sophisticated.

Well, whatever the case, it sounds like a good idea, and we hope it arrives as vintage looking as this. If not - well, then what's the point?