The new CLA responds if you tell it to F-off!

Lift your middle finger and index finger at the dash in a 'jou ma se p...' sort of way and the car will respond.

The new Mercedes-Benz CLA is not only a very, very pretty car, but my oh my is it smart. Remember the 'Hey Mercedes' feature that we all kind of loved for being the best gimmick in a car since seat belts? Well, now they've really gone and done it and you're going to love it brother.

Just unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (that should say it all) the new CLA arrives with some outrageous tech that really makes you feel like you're underachieving in life because who is the genius making this ish happen?

Gesture tech, voice tech, swearing tech - it's got it all! Yes, swearing tech... Tell the dash board to F-off and it will respond to the gesture you've set in for it. Make the famous 'V' with your fingers that we all love to make and your Mercedes will do whatever you want it to - maybe read you the morning sports news or help with your maths homework. Yes, your CLA can now answer maths questions, geography questions, history questions and all those questions that will make car games like i-spy obsolete.

What a bunch of spoilt brats!

The system is called MBUX and it will kill us one day in a Terminator sort of way. But, before it does, it will do obscenely helpful things that will make you feel like a rock star. At night, if you lean over to look for something on the back seat for example, the car will spotlight your hand to help you see a bit a better as you prod around.

It understands all sorts of movements and gestures individually and seems to know who's talking and what they want before they go looking for it. What it all means is this then: Be afraid brother! Be very afraid. They're watching us.

As for the engine options? Well - you don't car either because the AMG is yet to arrive. When it does, you'll be the first to know.